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My name is Zsuzsanna Fodor and I am a certified trainer and coach. Through hundreds of hours of team coaching, I learned how much I enjoy working with organizations and people, and seeing their insights as they progressed through my sessions. This is the reason I moved into 1:1 coaching.


Since gaining my coaching qualification from the NeuroLeadership Institute, I have been coaching family, friends, and friends of friends. Before I knew it, I had a full practice. I love sitting down with people and hearing their stories and their aspirations. I am super curious and excited to explore how can I help today?

Brain Based Coaching


Wingwave Coaching 


Quantum Healing Methods

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My certifications

Brain Based Coaching is a brain-based methodology to facilitate productive coaching conversations using the neuroscience of learning, motivation, and change by adopting effective, science-based strategies to help coachee’s develop new habits, skills, and behaviors. Using NLI’s SCARF test to discover main demotivators and develop strategies to use this insights as a superpower in dealing with others.

Wingwave® is an advanced coaching technique which works on shifting subconscious blocks for peak performance with fast, tangible results. Wingwave® Coaching is combined EMDRmuscle testing and NLP that can be applied to almost any personal challenge or subconscious limitation.  This method helps shifting stuck emotions, stress, reprogramming negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits. It also helps to bind in positive emotional resources which are ideal for meeting and exceeding personal goals and ambitions.

Quantum Healing Methods (QHM) is a part of the new wave of healing modalities that create change from the quantum level of your being. It initiates healing, transformation, activates expansion and connection to the higher-self and other light beings that are here to assist you on your path. This is a comprehensive, deep, empowering, and effective modality that combines quantum healing hypnosis, Fifth Dimensional Psychology, Galactic Expansion and Healing, Conscious Soul Coaching, and more. It helps individuals clear deep trauma, unhealthy habits and patterns in life, connect with higher guidance, mission and purpose, heal the heart, body and mind, release trapped emotions, learn about your full soul experience, other lives, other dimensions, and empowers to live as a fully expressed divine being that we are.

PSYCH-K® is a simple and straightforward method for identifying and changing self-limiting subconscious beliefs, which perpetuate the old habits of thinking and behavior that you would like to change.

It is a simple process that helps you to communicate with your subconscious, where almost all human behaviors - constructive and destructive - originate, so that you can change the beliefs that limit your self-esteem, your relationships, performance at work and even your physical health!

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