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Frequently Asked questions

What happens during the free consultation? 

Free consultation is a great opportunity to get to know each other a bit. I introduce myself as a coach, and discuss some of the techniques and approaches used during the process. You, as a client will have the opportunity to talk a bit about your major topic, and ask as many questions as needed to decide if this avenue is for you or not.

Is this coaching process for me?

Most of my clients find me when something terrible or threataning happened in their lives. This could be a loss, a sickness, a sensation of stuckness, or just a general disease with life. But it could be quiet empowering to understand our subconsious mind and create the life we want before these things happen. So if you have questions or pain about any aspects of life, there must be a subconscious programming that disables you to enjoy life - there is certainly an opportunity to grow and learn.

How long is the coaching process?

The process consists of 14 sessions that are recommended to conduct on consecutive weeks, however few gaps are not harmful for the process. During the nearly 3 month we manage to get from starting point to close enough to the goal but certainly equipped with tools and resources that supports further discovery and growing.

What happens during a session?

The sessions are 60 mins long and we always start with an arriving or mindfulness exercise. There are milestones established during the process to support the navigation, but other than that it is the coachee's process and I go along.  

Will I have homework to do?

The most valuable thing to do is to contemplate about the topics of the previous session. I share youtube videos, podcast to listen, recommend books to read, sometimes to list to write, but mostly I ask coachees to be more aware of their actions, thoughts and words than before and we usually discuss events from previous week to reflect on any changes that might have taken place already.

How much do I talk during a session?

Usually it is 50-50%. There is always a chance to share experiences to be reflected up on. I guide through the session by questions to generate insights and expand it with explanations using newest neuroscience and brain science studies and discoveries.

What techniques are used during the sessions?

Brain based coaching provides the base for the process generating insights and having super shiny goals. Guided visualizations and meditations, time line therapy, wingwave coaching, NLP and many others.

How much does the process coast? 

I do coaching in English and in Hungarian. One session in English costs 100 EUR while one session in Hungarian costs 20 000 HUF. 

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