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My mission is to help you to reach your highest potential.

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What's your Story?

Do you feel you’re not living up to your potential? Do you have a goal or a dream you want to achieve, but don’t know where to start? Do you feel stuck?  Do you have old beliefs that are stopping you from being who you really are?  Do you hold constant grudges against people around you?  I can help you to move on and fulfill your potential. Get in touch!

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how do i work?

Understanding your brain – what drives you, what scares you and what inspires you - is critical to my approach to coaching. Brain-based coaching puts a great emphasis on having ‘shiny’ goals that give focus as you progress your development journey. Along the way, you will discover and rewrite negative beliefs so you can truly go beyond yourself. I will be your guide and thinking partner along the route. You can choose to focus on personal or professional goals, or both – it’s up to you. You are in the driving seat.

My Philosophy
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the process

I use a well-structured 14-week coaching process, which is conducted online. During these 14 weeks, we will set goals, define starting points, and discover negative beliefs and stories told one too many times. I use a wide variety of tools to help you navigate this experience from regular coaching techniques to active visualization, guided meditation, and some cognitive approaches. All of these tools help to use different parts of your brain.

The Process
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About Me

My name is Zsuzsanna Fodor and I am a certified trainer and coach. Through hundreds of hours of team coaching, I learned how much I enjoy working with organizations and people, and seeing their insights as they progressed through my sessions. This is the reason I moved into 1:1 coaching.


Since gaining my coaching qualification from the NeuroLeadership Institute, I have been coaching family, friends, and friends of friends. Before I knew it, I had a full practice. I love sitting down with people and hearing their stories and their aspirations. I am super curious and excited to explore how can I help today?

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Along with my sessions, I could realize that I am capable of achieving goals and finding my own life path. Having Zsuzsa guide me through this discovery was essential and easy to do. Today I see how important is to be focused on the right objectives in our life. 



I had a very interesting journey throughout the coaching sessions. I felt comfortable, Zsuzsanna led toward my goals and I kept my curiosity and motivation to discover the unbeaten path for myself. We have looked beyond the issue and found and managed related feelings and thoughts. 
I am so grateful for this journey! :)



"After my first meeting with Zsuzsa, I had the courage to start this journey of self-discovery. During our conversations, I was able to formulate what I could only identify at the level of perception. Her professionalism is combined with sincere human interest. Thanks to this innate attitude, I managed to break down walls that I hadn't even identified before. The concept of self-awareness took on a new meaning for me. Thank you Zsuzsa!"



“Guided by Zsuzsanna, I have set goals, defined actions, and remain on track to achieve them. She is masterful in asking the right questions at the right time, and  brings lots of different tools and approaches to the process. This makes our coaching conversations always interesting, fun and, most importantly, driven by what I need on a session by session basis.”  

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"Under the careful and inspiring guidance of Zsuzsa I have finally been able to start breaking down the walls I built, and to take baby steps towards A LIFE where everything is possible. She helped me TO focus on my successes and eliminate my own obstacles. I will always be thankful for her to prove that living every moment will get us to a happy future."

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I consider myself a veteran of self-discovery, but my journey with Zsuzsanna definitely brought new insights and solutions. 
 I warmly recommend Zsuzsanna if you want to understand the negative repeating stories in your life, and with to rewrite your belief systems to start a new life.


I have made a major step in my life, thanks to Zsuzsa. For years I have been struggling with low self-esteem and the feeling of no control. I felt sorry for myself and the whole world is against me. After a few sessions, I felt the change already. I have transformed myself into a responsible adult who takes responsibility for her own acts and takes charge of her life. I stopped being angry and sad and now I see opportunities mostly. I feel calmer and happier and the best is yet to come. 


Are you ready to learn more about yourself?

Then I'd love to hear from you

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